Quantitative research and fixed-income resources on the web...


wilmott.com -- For quantitative finance specialists, original articles, forums and blogs
moneyscience.com -- A hub with links to a large number of financial sites and resources
The Mathematics of Gambling -- E.O. Thorpe -- An invaluable discussion of the Kelly Criterion
Mahalanobis -- An important, pithy discussion of geometric processes

Tax Code
U.S. Tax Code On-Line -- A searchable online text version of “The Code”

Muni Bonds
MuniNetGuide -- “Your Hub for Municipal Related Research”
EMMA -- The MSRB’s data hub
The Bond Tangent -- a very good blog keeping up on issues related to munis
Municipal Finance Journal -- Academic articles related to state and local government finance
Rockefeller Institue -- Research on state and local governments

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